Wellcome to `Pocket Lands`

This is an interactive map generator tool, Intended to be a tutorial for the `Pocket Lands`pen&paper game mechanics. For a real game please download the PDF with rules.


Arrow keys -  Move / Generate map.
Left mouse button drag - Pan map. 
Shift + Mouse wheel - Zoom.


PocketLands.com - Official website

Facebook page - Community


PocketLands_v1-1.pdf 4 MB
Dungeon Tilesets (PocketLands).pdf 869 kB

Development log


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Awesome! Will the Bestiary be available here for print and play?

Thank you! I`m sorry but the "Bestiary Playing Cards" deck is more like a side art project and its not really connected to the Pocketlands system except maybe dice rolls on the cards and fantasy theme in general. 

This totally rocks! When I downloaded 1.0 last spring, I was amazed at what a well-designed terrain-generating tool you had! Now you've fleshed out so many of the other details I was wondering about. Bravo! And thank you!